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Monday, July 31, 2006

Amazon drought

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It’s not just the U.S. that’s been feeling a heat wave recently.  The Amazon rainforest appears to be heading into its second year of drought:


 The drought is driven by a combination of deforestation and global warming.  Ecologists fear that the Amazon is approaching a “tipping point”, beyond which it will convert into a completely different type of ecosystem – “dry savannah at best, desert at worst.”  Previous studies have suggested that 3 straight years of drought would cause much of the forest to die, releasing significant amounts of carbon dioxide.  The forest contains 90 billion tons of carbon dioxide, so if half of that were released, it would be equivalent to about 6 years worth of human emissions at current levels.

The article does not suggest much in the way of solutions, but presumably it would be necessary to get deforestation under control immediately.  If scientists are correct that the forest will begin to massively die next year, this seems to require an almost super-human effort. 

 Yet, despite all of the press received by Al Gore’s recent movie, if you search for “Amazon drought” in Google News, only one of the top 10 hits is from an American news source. 


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